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Forest Community Project


The Forest Community Project is a service provided by ELMS in Waltham Forest. It has continually evolved its services to reflect the modern needs of people with mental health problems.

The project provides dispersed social housing in ordinary accommodation. Our residents are local people who have lived in or who have strong links with the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Service Users keep their own possessions when they move into the Forest Community Project and are supported to make the house homely and welcoming to all. Weekly house meetings are held which provide a way for Service Users to manage their home and to be fully engaged in its day to day running


Forest Community Project is comprised of ordinary residential terraced houses in the residential areas of Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow. It offers Service Users the chance to live in ordinary housing with support designed to meet their individual needs. There are 6 houses in all, all of which are situated within 2 miles of ELMS` Offices. Four houses have three bedrooms and two have four.

The houses are eqipped with single spacious bedrooms. Service Users share communal areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, lounge and garden. The administrative base for the staff is provided at ELMS` offices in Leyton. Every Service User will have their own Keyworker known as a Client Support Worker. This as a trained specialist worker who understands the needs of people who have been in the mental health system at a practical and theoretical level


Personalised Care Plans, which describe the Service User`s needs and wishes, are drawn up through negotiation between the Service User and their Keyworker. Care needs differ from house to house and person to person and residents are fully involved in determining their needs and how those needs are met both at a planning and practical level. Daily tasks are carried out by Care Workers under the overall supervision of one of a team of Client Support Workers on a rota basis. This role is known as the Duty Officer role and this member of staff will be on call on a 24 hour basis to provided continuity of support and to respond to residents` changing needs


ELMS has a strong positive culture which is created by our residents our staff our board of governors friends and families of our residents. All the contributing groups have a deep seated commitment to human rights and the values of self determination, respect for the individual and of diversity. These core values govern the way we provide our service and are set out formally in the following key documents

  • PO03 - Standards of Service
  • PO06 - Equality and Diversity
  • SM07 - Code of Conduct

    Our staff have a wide range of professional and vocational qualifications. The project is staffed by 3 Client support Workers, A Pathway Officer, 6 Care Workers and a Homemaker. All of our workers follow an induction programme when first employed and undertake continuing in-service training relevant to the needs of Service Users.

    The 3 Client Support Workers and Pathway Officer have the following qualifications amongst them:

  • Registered Manager Awards NVQ 5,
  • CQSW 30 years post qualifying,
  • Bsc Health and Social Care
  • Care Workers have or are training for either NVQ Level 2 or NVQ Level 3


    This housing scheme was initially started with the resettlement of patients from the long stay wards in Claybury Hospital. It provided a home for life when required by its residents. It took people who had a formal diagnosis of mental health problems and who have a strong local connection in the borough of Waltham Forest. The project has been in existence since 1987


    We think that the best way to keep high standards is to listen carefully to what our residents and users say about our services. To make sure that this is heard we have Complaints and Suggestions Policy

    We have also prepared a explanatory leaflet to help you learn more about how we value your feedback and how to make your views known to us

    We also carry out from time to time an Internal audit of our services and encourage our residents to come forward as auditors. We also listen carefully to what our commissioners and independent reviewers say such as the Care Quality Commission. We will from time to time place these findings here


    If you think you would be interested in this service then we would be happy to talk to you directly and give you more information about it. If you are a professional wanting to secure a placement with us then please also contact us. Our contact details are on this page on the left hand side. You might also find useful the information leaflet we have and the referral form both of which you can download from below

  • FCP Brochure
  • FCP Referral Form
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